Pirates Voyage

If ye have a thirst for great fun and adventure, then head over to Pirate’s Voyage! Where there is fun for all swashbucklers, young and old. With an exhilarating show and delicious feast, you’re guaranteed to have fun! Your experience will include:


An Interactive Pre-Show: Come early because you don’t want to miss this! The pre-show includes classic pirate songs, a world famous juggler, and up-close encounter with sea lions.


The Most Breathtaking Show Ever: Cheer on the Sapphire and Crimson pirates as they compete for Davy Jones’ hidden treasure. Watch their amazing acrobatic stunts including dives off of full sized pirate ships into the 15-foot deep lagoon that will keep your whole family entertained.


Delicious Four-Course Feast: Be sure to bring your appetite because this show includes a 4-course meal filled with roasted chicken, pulled pork, corn, potatoes, soup and a biscuit. Don’t forget dessert because after your meal you’ll receive a homemade apple turnover.


No wonder Pirate’s Voyage always leaves their guests wanting more! Pirate’s Voyage also has a Christmas show that runs November until the end of December so be sure to make that part of your holiday plans. For more information regarding tickets, call 843-497-0700 or visit their website. Check out the Attraction Page for more things to do in Myrtle Beach!